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March 19, 2016

Sunrise on PickwickThere's no better way to start the day than watching the sunrise on Pickwick Lake as you head out for an enjoyable day of fishing! We invite you to call us and let us show you the beauty of Pickwick Lake and also experience the fantastic fishing that we have here. The weather is warming up (and so is the water!) and we are ready for a great bass fishing season!

We've been catching some nice crappie recently, but the bass are almost finished spawning and it's time to go full speed ahead with bass fishing! We are catching smallmouth and largemouth bass right now and as the bass come off the beds they are ready to feed! It's a great time to catch some really good fish and also some really good numbers.

Smallmouth and largemouth on PickwickThe folks that fish with us are glad they did, and from the pictures here you can see that the fish we are catching would make any bass fisherman proud. We've still got some dates open this season so give us a call and let us get you set up!

Bass fishing on Pickwick LakeAs the water continues to warm up and the grass starts to grow we'll continue to catch bass here on Pickwick. You know you've been wanting to come fish with us so why not make this the year that you make the move! And if you have fished with us before, we know you will want to come back again! Let's go fishing on Pickwick Lake!

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